Anonymous Initiates Phase Two of Operation Ukraine

The hacktivists are unhappy with the fact that authorities haven't stopped killing dogs

The faction of Anonymous that has focused its efforts on punishing the Ukrainian government for killing stray dogs in preparation of UEFA EURO 2012 has released a statement to reveal the beginning of phase two of Operation Ukraine.

This second phase comes after local animal rights activists have discovered that Ukrainian authorities are continuing their “Holocaust” against the dogs.

“After the Euro2012 several animal rights organizations signed agreements with many Ukraine cities about a animal protection-sterilization program. The city Kharkov was the only city that refused to this co-operation to save the stray animals,” they said.

Their message to the government of Ukraine is clear.

“Dear Government of the Ukraine, for the second time now you show the world your real cruel face. You violate the European Animal Welfare Act. You have betrayed animal protection organisations. You have lied to the media. Your political system is nothing but corrupt,” the hacktivists wrote in their statement.

“You violate animal rights. You violate human rights. Therefore you will be attacked by us. Who are we? We are Legion. We are fighting for the ones who cannot defend themselves. We are fighting to end oppression of humans and animals. We are fighting YOU!” they added.

After showing their support for Operation Demonoid, the hackers behind Operation Ukraine are back to their old mission: to get authorities to stop killing stray dogs.

The statement was made public two days ago, but the hackers have been quiet since. It will remain to be seen which road they’ll take.

Judging by the fact that they joined the distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks as part of Operation Demonoid, we shouldn’t be surprised if they decided to take this approach in the second phase of their campaign as well.

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