Anonymous Honduras Protests Against Election Fraud by Hacking Government Sites

Several high-profile websites have been breached and defaced

Several high-profile websites from Honduras have been breached and defaced by Anonymous hackers in protest against the alleged election fraud that took place during the November 24 presidential vote.

The hacktivists have targeted several websites, including the ones of a state-owned tourism agency (, the Department of Culture, Arts and Sports (, the Secretary for Security (, Interpol Honduras (, the National Police ( and the Superintendent of Public Private Partnership (

In addition, Anonymous Honduras has hacked the websites of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (, and the Innovation and Unity Party ( As this article is being written, more targets are being announced, such as, and

On the defaced websites, the hackers posted a message accusing officials of manipulating the media. However, the hacktivists warn that they control cyberspace.

They urge all citizens to collect evidence of election fraud and submit it to They also call citizens to a peaceful protest.

At the time of writing, most of the websites are still defaced. One of them has been restored, while others have been taken offline.

This series of attacks isn’t surprising. In October, around one month before the elections, the official website of the Honduras Ministry of Industry and Trade was hacked.

At the time, hacktivists urged people to “stand guard” to make sure the elections were fair. In early October, the website of the United Nations in Honduras was defaced with a similar message.

On Monday, AFP reported that the country’s electoral authority decided to review the results after one of the candidates accused officials of manipulating the elections to make sure that Juan Orlando Hernandez would win.

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