Anonymous Hacks UK Government Site in Response to Detention of David Miranda

The hackers say they're preparing something big in response to the recent NSA revelations

United Kingdom authorities have detained David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald's partner. Greenwald is the journalist responsible for publishing the information obtained by Edward Snowden from the NSA. Anonymous hackers have responded to the incident by hacking a UK government website.

The fact that UK authorities have detained Miranda has been heavily criticized – including by Amnesty International – despite the fact that he was released after nine hours of questioning.

For their part, the hacktivists have defaced the official website of the Mole Valley District Council (, which they've used to publish a statement.

“We expect there to be many pointed questions asked in the coming days, both domestically and internationally as to how and why an already ridiculously broad and draconian act of law was ripped of its last remaining shred of legitimacy in what cannot be described as anything other than an act of pure spite and intimidation, an act intended to exert a chilling effect on a stream of high-quality journalistic reporting whose historic importance cannot possibly be overstated,” the hackers said.

The statement is accompanied by a table comprised of the personal details of US government employees. The table includes information on their children, parents, spouses and friends.

The hacktivists say that if Miranda can be detained under terrorism legislation just because he’s related to Greenwald, based on the same theory, other possible terrorists might be related to people working in the US government and military.

“We encourage anyone who is interested in preventing terror attacks to fully investigate these spouses and siblings and mothers and fathers and son and daughters, before they too are embroidered in terrible terror plots of the most heinous variety,” Anonymous members said.

Finally, they conclude their statement with a threat. The hackers say they’re preparing something that’s “befitting the gravity of the crimes.”

“Oh, and before we go, we should probably mention that we have been very, very angry over the last few months -- and very, very busy. The only reason you have not heard from us before now is that we have been waiting and watching as the leaks come out and the spooks trip up over own lies and distortions,” the hacktivists noted.

At the time of writing, the Mole Valley Council website still hosts Anonymous’ statement.

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