Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry of Finance to Protest Against Austerity Measures

Classified documents, usernames and passwords have been leaked

Anonymous hacktivists have leaked confidential documents and user credentials which they allegedly stole from the systems of Greece’s Ministry of Finance. The breach comes at a time when the Greek government is trying to adopt a new austerity package.

“The Greek government is prepared to testify to a vote in the Greek Parliament the new package of economic austerity measures of 13.5 billion euros which are expected to prolong the recession in Greece,” the hackers wrote in a statement.

They highlight the fact that the austerity measures have affected the entire population, especially seniors and children.

They also underscore the fact that Greece used to have the lowest suicide rate, but now the figures show a 40% increase.

“Your government failed you. Greek citizens, it's time to revolt. Do it while you can. Stick it to the Man. You must resist. We stand by your side,” they added.

“We gained full access to the Greek Ministry of Finance. Those funky IBM servers don't look so safe now, do they? We have new guns in our arsenal. A sweet 0day SAP exploit is in our hands and oh boy we're gonna sploit the hell out of it.” has analyzed some of the leaked documents and they claim that this is one of the largest cyberattacks to hit Greece in the past few years.

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