Anonymous Hacks Florida Family Association For Discrimination Against Muslims

The hackers obtained the credit cards information of those who made donations

Hackers operating under the Anonymous and AntiSec banners breached the official website belonging to the Florida Family Association ( allegedly obtaining tons of information on their members, including credit card details.

The main reason for the hack seems to be the hateful attitude displayed by the organization against gay communities and Muslims.

“Anonymous will not stand for hate and divisive vitriol to be spread across our country and whenever we can...we will stop it. FFA you managed to use your power to influence Lowe's to follow you into your racist stupor and they too will answer for that,” the hackers state.

Email addresses, IP numbers and detailed credit card information was obtained from FFA’s databases, part of which was posted online in a Pastebin file. The hacktivist claim that they will not publish all the credit card data they obtained since they believe it might belong to innocent individuals who are among the “99 percent.”

“I am though reading the emails and getting information on those who did donate to make sure they are not worthy of the scorn of Anonymous as well...if i find information such as anyone being a part of other hate groups such as the Klan or anything similar all bets are off for those people,” they continue.

As a precaution, individuals who made donations to the FFA are advised to closely monitor their bank reports to make sure no illegal transactions will take place from their accounts. Also, those who were in the association’s mailing list should take in consideration that their email addresses may be misused to launch spam campaigns.

Even if the hackers say they’ll try not to hurt any innocent people, you never know who may get into the possession of the information that’s already out there, partly available for anyone to see.

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