Anonymous Hacks Brazil’s Ministry of Environment and Power Plant Firm

The attacks are part of the campaign known as Operation Green Rights

Anonymous hacktivists continue the campaign called Operation Green Rights (OpGreenRights). Their latest targets are Brazil’s Ministry of Environment ( and Eletronorte (, the company that manages the power plants in Northern Brazil.

“Occupy Belo Monte - Is the time to reply to this charge: Crimes against the humanity: ethnic cleansing,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

As a result of the breaches, the hackers published around 15 megabytes’ worth of data, including the contents of databases that store user details. One of the files alone contains the details of some 5,000 users.

In previous phases of this campaign, hacktivists breached the systems of Siemens, Fujitsu and electrical component manufacturer AVX Corporation.

Their previous targets were multinational companies, but now they appear to have turned their attention to government organizations.

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