Anonymous Hackers Want to Leak Data from Maldives Government Sites – Video

They want to demonstrate that government systems are not secured

In October, authorities in the Maldives released a statement to the press in which they called Anonymous hackers a threat to citizens. In response, the hacktivists have allegedly leaked the National ID Card details of 200,000 individuals to demonstrate that government systems are insecure.

Next, they threaten to hack more government networks, Anon Insiders reported.

“We will continue to penetrate into Government Websites just to help them improve their security. Sites we penetrate will not be permenantly damaged, nor we will harm the infrastructure of Maldives. We have simply shown how insecure our government is,” the hackers noted.

Authorities have taken down, the mirror site on which the 200,000 record sets were published. However, the hacktivists have set up a new subdomain on the same site.

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