Anonymous Hackers: US Reports About Syria’s Chemical Weapons Are Fake – Video

Hacktivists claim that this is an attempt to destabilize the Syrian government

Last week, US intelligence officials claimed to have discovered that Syria was loading components of sarin gas into bombs, possibly preparing for an attack involving chemical weapons. The US President even issued a warning, saying that the use of chemical weapons was “totally unacceptable.”

However, some Anonymous hackers say that the reports are completely false.

“The United States government is openly creating terrorism alongside NATO and Israel to demonize the Syrian Arab Republic. Terrorism has no religion and will not hesitate to use any means to kill,” the hackers said in a statement.

“Mainstream media are spreading false claims stating that the ‘Syrian government’ is planning attacks using biological weapons against its own people.”

They claim that, in reality, this is just an attempt of the US government and its allies to “destabilize the Syrian government.”

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