Anonymous Hackers Target 2013 Goya Awards, Leak Personal Information

DDOS attacks have been launched against the official website

Anonymous-affiliated hackers of the LulzEs collective have launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against the website of the Spanish Film Academy during the Goya Awards gala.

The hacktivists have provided their supporters with web-based tools that have automatically sent large numbers of packets towards

In addition, they have also leaked an impressive quantity of information that they have allegedly obtained from the website’s databases.

“Anonymous once again invites itself to the Goyas. Because we want to, because we can and for the lulz,” the hackers wrote next to the leaked data.

The compromised information includes the contact details of several members of the industry.

As some of you might remember, the same thing happened last year. Anonymous hacked the official website of the Spanish Film Academy while individuals wearing Guy Fawkes masks penetrated the gala’s physical security.

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