Anonymous Hackers Say They Compromised 20 Million Accounts to Promote OpJubilee

Hacktivists are preparing for a major protest scheduled to take place on November 5

Operation Jubilee is an Anonymous campaign whose main goal is to cancel all debt, eliminate poverty, redistribute land and stop wars. While the main protest is scheduled to take place in real life on November 5 in front of the Parliament building in London, the hacktivists have promoted the event mainly by hacking websites.

They claim that, in total, they’ve compromised over 20 million user accounts from all over the world to promote Operation Jubilee (OpJubilee).

“Large community web sites were targeted to gain access to users' contact information. Many administrators denied that their databases were at risk while all their data was being downloaded,” the hackers behind the operation said in statement.

A couple of days ago, Anonymous hackers breached the UK Police Online website and stole all the members’ email addresses. They utilized the information to send messages to police officers, urging them to join the protests.

“Operation Jubilee is a peaceful protest to take place on the 5th of November in front of Parliament in London. Millions of people have received e-mail messages containing the Rules of Engagement for the Operation,” the hacktivists added.

“Controversy has sparked around the declaration that protesters will confiscate any weapons that are used against them. The Rules of Engagement state that anyone, protester or police, that causes violence will be subdued.”

Finally, the activists say that although the name “Anonymous” has become synonymous with hack attacks and protests, it’s not an easy task to define the movement. They once again highlight the fact that Anonymous is not an organization and that anyone can become part of it.

“Anonymous is the idea that anyone can become the change they want to see in the world by hiding their identity,” they concluded.

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