Anonymous Hackers Plan Anti-Facebook Censorship Protest for April 6

The hacktivists want to flood the social media site with uncensored materials

Anonymous hacktivists once again announce their intentions to target Facebook. So far, their attempts have always failed, but this time around, their chances of accomplishing their goals are much higher.

That’s because they don’t plan on “wiping Facebook from the Internet.” Instead, they plan on protesting against Facebook’s censorship by flooding the social media website with “uncensored material.”

“In past years we have seen a growing force around the world. Governments and corporations are working strategically to stop free speech by the people,” the hackers stated.

“In more recent months we have witnessed an increased number of account blocking and deletion by Facebook, of users who dare to ridicule, mock, satirize or speak out against political leaders or corporations heavily involved with politics,” they added.

“It is time that Anonymous band together globally to prove that WE have the strength because we have the numbers. No one can stop free speech. No government, No corporation and especially not Facebook.”

The campaign, dubbed OpTruthForce, is scheduled to begin on April 6 at 1 AM GMT and it will “hopefully” last for 24 hours.

Usually, operations against Facebook are announced for November 5, also known as Guy Fawkes Day. However, April 6 also has a symbolic meaning, especially when it comes to protests.

On April 6, 2008, Egyptian workers started a general strike against the Egyptian government. On April 6, 1919, Mahatma Gandhi ordered a general strike against the British.

11 years later, on the same day, he arrived in Dandi after a 388-kilometer march and made salt to defy the British.

“So this April 6, 2013 - Anonymous once again becomes a force to be reckoned with. Anonymous is going back to its roots. Doing it for the lulz. But this time we have a serious reason behind those lulz,” the hackers concluded their statement.

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