Anonymous Hackers Leak Data Allegedly Stolen from Brickcom

The details of 3,400 customers have been published online

Anonymous hackers have leaked a large quantity of information allegedly stolen from Brickcom, a Taiwan-based company that offers high-end IP surveillance solutions.

The hacktivists have leaked over 3,400 customer records consisting of names email addresses, websites and passwords.

They’ve highlighted a section from Brickcom’s website which claims that the company provides “the latest in network security to prevent unauthorized access to the network.”

“Seriously, we appreciate the lulz, but don't make us laugh so much we spit our drinks onto our keyboards,” the hackers wrote next to the leaked data.

The hackers have targeted Brickcom because the company provides services, among others, to law enforcement agencies that use their products for surveillance. They emphasize the fact that Brickcom products can be used for facial recognition and license plate recognition.

“This leak is solely for the greater glory of Anonymous, the battle for anonymity and against indiscriminate state and corporate surveillance of the public. No sec groups, no ops, no names, simply Anonymous,” the hackers stated.

“This leak is a dedication to those who have given up their liberty for the ideals of free speech, and a surveillance free internet. This leak is also dedicated to those who continue to risk their freedom and refuse to be paralyzed by the ever rising levels of paranoia we all feel as we read the news daily.”

One of the hacktivists has told SecurityWeek that they’ve leveraged a flaw in the web server’s configuration. This allowed them access to the data entered by Brickcom customers into the registration form from the company’s website.

We’ve reached out to Brickcom to learn their side of the story, but so far, they haven’t responded to our inquiry. The article will be updated if they do.

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