Anonymous Hackers Deface UK Police Site, Ask Officers to Stand by Them in OpJubilee

The Metropolitan Police's e-Crime unit is investigating the incident

The Anonymous hackers behind Operations Jubilee – scheduled to take place on November 5, 2012 – have breached and defaced a third-party UK police website (

The hacktivists utilized the email addresses they stole from the site’s databases to send messages to officers, urging them to stand by them during the protests.

“We know that most of you are working-class people, like the majority of us, and that you too have mortgages, student loans, or your children do, and other debts as well,” the hackers wrote in the emails addressed to the officers.

“Don't defend the traitors against us, your fellow citizens, who pay your wages, and whom you are supposed to protect against criminals like the banksters and the other parasites who are sucking the life out of the nation.”

They added, “We are not against you, only against the evil system that you defend, and we appeal to your consciences to stop protecting the traitors and banksters, and protect us from them instead. We offer you our hands in friendship. Join us.”

US Metropolitan Police representatives have told The Telegraph that they’re aware of the incident, an investigation by the e-Crime unit being underway.

They highlight the fact that their own systems have not been compromised in any way. Furthermore, they’ve advised officers to take “precautionary steps” to protect the integrity of their email accounts.

The main goal of Operation Jubilee, which appears to be focused more on live protests than on ones that take place online, is to “cancel all debt, stop war, redistribute the land and eliminate poverty.”

UK Police Online is not the only website targeted by hacktivists as part of Operation Jubilee. and have also been defaced in mid-October to promote the upcoming protest.

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