Anonymous Hackers Deface Site of Australia’s Family First Political Party

The hacktivists claim they want to eradicate the organization

Anonymous hacktivists have managed to deface and breach the South Australian website of the Family First conservative political party.

The attackers accuse the organization of “supporting bigotry” and of encouraging children to grow up as “ignorants,” reports.

“You spread a message of hatred and lies to push your uberconservative agenda. You believe in the destruction of civil liberties, and the rise of a police state,” the hackers wrote.

“For these crimes you have been judged to be non-worthy of your presence on our internet, and this action has been taken as a first step to irradicate this presence permanently.”

Family First representatives have launched an investigation into the attack which they call “undemocratic.”

Anonymous Australia claim they have no involvement in this particular attack.

The affected website has been restored and it appears to be working properly.

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