Anonymous Hackers Claim to Have Stolen Private Documents from NSA

Someone might be trying to ruin Anonymous' already stained reputation

In light of the numerous reports in which the US government is accused of spying on US citizens, some Anonymous hackers have decided to step in. In a statement published on Pastebin, they claim to have gained access to some private NSA documents “regarding spying.”

“Anonymous has obtained some documents that ‘they’ do not want you to see, and much to ‘their’ chagrin, we have found them, and are giving them to you. These documents prove that the NSA is spying on you, and not just Americans. They are spying on the citizens of over 35 different countries,” the hackers stated.

“These documents contain information on the companies involved in GiG, and Prism,” they added.

However, their allegations are inaccurate. The US government does want citizens to see the documents the hackers claim to have obtained.

Most of them are old documents made publicly available on various US government websites.

So either someone is trying to ruin Anonymous’ reputation, or they’re simply seeking attention, although no hacker names are mentioned and there aren’t any links to social media accounts in the statement.

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