Anonymous Hackers Claim to Have Planted Bomb in Government Building [Video]

The Fawkes Security group has published another controversial statement

They call themselves Anonymous hackers, but their ways of attracting attention don’t seem to be in line with the ones utilized by other hacktivists. Now, the controversial Fawkes Security collective has even started making bomb threats to promote the protests programmed to take place on November 5, 2012.

“As of today 200 kilograms of composite Nitroglycerin and commercial explosives have effectively been concealed in a government building, situated in the United States of America. On the 5th of November, 2012, the device will detonate remotely via the transmission control protocol, leaving behind severe consequences,” the hackers stated.

“We would like to advise that the contraption is built inside a tamper proof apparatus sensitive to physical intrusions or attempted disarmament, thus resulting in the desired effect if the military grade device is found before the 5th of November,” they added.

“There is no intention, risks or circumstances what so ever to cause harm to innocent people, but we cannot, say the same for the people who are the real terrorists, oppressors and war creators.”

Other hacktivists have already started condemning the ways of the group, calling their acts “spewing violent rhetoric under the name of Anonymous.”

This is not the first time when Fawkes Security sparks controversy. After the Amanda Todd incident broke out, they released a video claiming that the girl didn’t exist. They claimed that everything was part of a propaganda campaign.

Then, a few days later, they took credit for taking down several websites owned by HSBC, including the ones from Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

It’s uncertain if the bomb threats made by the hackers are real or not. However, making such threats against the US government is serious business, even if they’re just a joke or a marketing campaign for the November 5 protests.

A few months ago, when someone made bomb threats against the University of Pittsburgh, the FBI went all the way to Austria to find evidence about the culprit’s identity.

Here is the video entitled “Anonymous Warning: 5th November 2012:”

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