Anonymous Hackers Claim to Have Breached PayPal, Information Leaked

The company's representatives say there's no evidence to support the hackers' claims

Anonymous hackers from all over the world are currently defacing websites and leaking data in “celebration” of the Guy Fawkes Day. Some of them claim to have even hacked PayPal.

Several files have been published online. The Next Web informs that one of them contains close to 28,000 names, email addresses and password hashes allegedly stolen from PayPal servers.

Another one I've identified contains less sensitive information such as transaction details.

“Paypal hacked, The following database dumps are brought to you by Anonymous as part of our November 5th protest against the banking blockade and consumerism in general,” Anonymous hackers wrote.

In the meantime, PayPal representatives claim there’s no evidence to support the theory that the company has really been hacked.

At the time of writing, many of the documents allegedly containing information stolen from PayPal have been removed.

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