Anonymous Hackers Breach Major Bangladeshi Newspaper “The Daily Star”

The hackers have defaced the site twice to display their message

Anonymous hackers have breached the website of The Daily Star, one of the most important English publications in Bangladesh. 

The Daily Star reports that the breach occurred on February 12 at around 4:30 (local time). The company rushed to restore the website, but one hour later it was hacked again.

The hacktivists defaced the site and posted an article about the Anonymous movement and its ideals.

“Anonymous continued its bid for true democracy and freedom today, when they started on a new path to bring to an end the corruption and oppressive regimes of todays governments. In a call for a truely open society Anonymous has started to raise its public profile the world over,” the hackers wrote on the defaced page.

The site has been restored and hopefully, its administrators have managed to patch up the holes exploited by the hackers.

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