Anonymous Hackers Ask Columbus Catholic Diocese to Reinstate Gay Teacher – Video

The hackers say the diocese broke anti-discrimination laws

The dismissal of a teacher from the Bishop Watterson Catholic High School in Columbus has triggered numerous protests. Many have argued that the decision to terminate Carla Hale from her job just because she admitted to being gay is clear discrimination.

Anonymous hackers have also sent a message to the Columbus Catholic Diocese.

“We are not here to talk about moral laws, even though it is an argument we will win, for it is the actions of the Catholic Diocese which are so obviously immoral. However there have been laws broken,” the hackers stated.

They highlight the fact that the City of Columbus has anti-discrimination laws that are meant to protect individuals such as Hale.

“It is time for the Catholic Diocese to catch up with the age we are now in. The age of change. The age of equality, revolution and freedom. It is time to Occupy the Columbus Catholic Diocese,” the hacktivists added.

They urge all their supporters and members of the LGBT community to join them in a massive protest that’s scheduled to take place on May 3 at the Columbus Catholic Diocese. And, since this is Anonymous we're talking about, we might also witness some hack attacks.

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