Anonymous Hacker Defaces Website of United Nations Honduras

The attacker has posted a message regarding upcoming general elections

The website of the United Nations in Honduras,, has been hacked and defaced by Ch4FeR, apparently a member of the Anonymous movement, Pinoy Hack News reports.

On the main page of the website, the hacker has published a message regarding the general elections that will take place in Honduras in November.

“We only hope that society wakes up at the elections in November. 99.9% of the people standing guard is the one way we can prevent another political farce. And only by working together, without distinction of political colors, this society can get out of the hole it’s in,” the hacker wrote in Spanish.

At the time of writing, the website of the United Nations in Honduras still displays the hacker’s protest message. This is not the first time when hackers target this particular site. Back in January, it was defaced by a Turkish group.

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