Anonymous Hacker Arrested in Poland for Defacing the PM’s Site

Another alleged member of Anonymous was identified by authorities

A 22-year-old student from Poland was arrested after being suspected of breaching and defacing the official website of the country’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk, as part of the anti-ACTA online protests.

According to reports, Lucasz S. was apprehended in the city of Wroclaw, but denied having any involvement with the hacking and Anonymous.

However, the suspect admitted that hacking was one of his hobbies and tried to convince law enforcement representatives that the act didn’t cause any actual damage.

The defacement page posted on the website of the prime minister revealed that the one behind the hacking was part of Anonymous and that the attack took place as a protest against the controversial agreement.

He even posted the username and the password used by the website’s administrators to access its control panel.

For now, hacking operations in Poland were temporarily paused after members of Anonymous said they wanted to give non-governmental organizations the chance to approach the ACTA issue using more diplomatic ways.

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