Anonymous: GoDaddy Taken Down Because of Its Support for SOPA [Video]

The hacktivists urge everyone to stop using the company's services

GoDaddy hasn’t released an official statement to detail the cause of the intermittent outages experienced a few hours ago. However, members of the Anonymous community (the ones who run AnonPR) have come forward with their own explanation for the incident.

Apparently, they believe that the incident was caused by the fact that GoDaddy supports the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

“As silly as it seems, many members of anonymous are still puzzled whether it was truly an Anonymous member or a government entity is still unknown. However, many of us have concluded that Go Daddy was taken down because of its support for SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act,” they said.

The hacktivists once again ask their supporters to boycott the company and change hosting providers.

“Anonymous would like to point out that Go Daddy, who is currently running millions of sites around the world, is actively putting SOPA, a bill that was petitioned by four point five million people, into effect.

“Not only have they shut down sites before, but because of what the sites contain. Many Anonymous have hosted on Go Daddy’s domains, and almost none of them have lasted longer than a month,” they explained.

They concluded by reminding everyone of the fact that the government controls most of the mainstream media and companies such as GoDaddy.

This is not the first time when Anonymous charge their lazors and point them at GoDaddy. Back in December 2011, they declared the company an enemy of the Internet and urged everyone to turn to other service providers.

The fact that it publicly showed support for SOPA has had a clear negative impact on the company and in March even Wikipedia dumped them.

Here is the video published on YouTube by Anonymous:

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