Anonymous Calls Itself ‘New Illuminati’ and Sends Final Message

Anonymous prepares the attack against the 'puzzle' they call Illuminati

Another video of the series addressed by Anonymous to Illuminati members was released, the hacktivists claiming that soon they will take the “freemason’s” place and rule the world.

“Since beginning of time, man’s greatest wish was to rule the world. That is illuminati 340 year mission. And this is our primary mission. We exist to rule world in better, most perspective way. You can call us illuminati,” says a digitalized voice.

“This is our world, people will choose between us and you illuminati. Our plan is to lead humankind from greater darkness.”

Anonymous has been threatening the legendary Illuminati organization for quite a while now and they state that this is their final message before taking action against them.

I’m curious if this operation will be as successful as the recent ones that were launched to fight censorship, but to find out, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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