Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Pleads Not Guilty to All 12 Stratfor Charges

The renowned activist continues to maintain his innocence

Barrett Brown, the now-infamous activist and self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesperson, has pleaded not guilty to all the 12 counts in the indictment filed against him. Brown is being charged for his role in the hack that targeted Stratfor at the end of 2011.

Authorities are not accusing him of being involved in the hack itself. Instead, they’re accusing him of one count of trafficking stolen authentication features, one count of access device fraud, and ten counts of aggravated identity theft.

Prosecutors say that he breached the law when he posted links to a file containing the details of over 5,000 credit cards stolen from Stratfor on an IRC channel.

They have also argued that he not only possessed the sensitive information, but he also shared it with others.

If found guilty, Brown could be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison for the trafficking charges, 10 years for the access device fraud charges and 2 years for each of the 10 identity theft counts.

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