Anonymous' Barrett Brown Arrested, Raid Caught on TinyChat Recording

Authorities paid him a visit right after he threatened an FBI agent

Barrett Brown – the famous self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesperson – has been taken into custody by Dallas law enforcement. Authorities raided his home while he was chatting on TinyChat with a number of other individuals.

His girlfriend – who was present at the time of the arrest – shut off the webcam that was in the room, but the audio kept on recording, revealing the fact that Brown had a verbal and, possibly, a physical confrontation with the officers.

In the past few weeks, Barrett Brown spent much of his time researching TrapWire and the organizations he suspected were behind the mass surveillance program.

The arrest came just hours after the activist published a video in which he threatened to destroy FBI agent Robert Smith. The video came in response of the fact that, apparently, his mother was accused of obstruction of justice and threatened.

He asked hacktivists to send him all the information they have on Robert Smith to his email address.

Soon after the raid, his details showed up on the official website of Dallas county, Texas. A few moments ago, the individual behind the AnonyOps Twitter account claimed to have called the Dallas county sheriff’s office which informed him that the activist was taken into custody by the FBI.

The name of the agent who took him and the charges brought against him are not known.

Other members of the community have rushed to conclude that this is all a setup and that Brown has been working with the FBI for quite some time now.

This isn’t the first time when Barrett Brown is raided by US authorities. Back in March, around the time when the members of the infamous LulzSec collective have been arrested, the FBI paid him a visit and confiscated his laptop.

Here is the video that shows the moment of the raid:

Here is the video posted by Brown just before the raid:

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