Anonymous Attacks Anonymous for Being Trolls

A zero-day vulnerability helped them take down 50 servers

Anonymous decided that AnonOps no longer stands for the values they believe in so much, instead turning to the dark side, transforming into a “totalitarian IRC operator regime.” As a result, the hacktivist collective took down 50 of their servers and they promise to continue doing so until they learn.

Anonymous claims that those behind AnonOps are blind with power and instead of fighting corruption and internet censorship by welcoming newcomers, they treat them with disrespect and arrogance.

Channel operators are blamed for encouraging such events by kicking off and banning users who want to join their fight against what they consider to be evil forces.

“Thus we have decided to lombotomize the cancer that is AnonOps from the internet. AnonOps no longer stands with Anonymous, but rather against us as an agent of censorship, unlulzy pseudo-activism and immense f****y, and thus must be eliminated,” reads a Pastebin post.

It turns out that AnonOps believed their networks were highly secure, but Anonymous discovered they were actually utilizing a vulnerable version of Anope IRC Services. With the aid of a zero-day weakness, they were able to penetrate their defenses and take them down.

“Now that i'm an oper im no longer accepting PM's from anyone, because i feel that i have too much else to do ( being an oper and all). The only thing i know about irc is how to sajoin <nick> #kill and /kill <nick>. Any attempt by a non-oper to chat to me will be met by instant gline and/or kill,” said Daboogieman.

These types of behaviors made Anonymous angry and as a result, they felt AnonOps had to be taken down.

“We've personally been responsible for nulling somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 of their servers, and will just keep dropping them as they put more back up,” concludes their statement.

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