Anonymous Africa: Rise Up and Join Us

The hacktivists have released a statement to announce their intentions

By on January 10th, 2013 10:53 GMT

Anonymous Africa has released a statement, calling for the people of Africa to unite against their countries’ corrupt leaders.

“Anonymous are here to help the people of Africa. Anonymous are here to make sure Africa is free. Africa shall be free,” the hackers said in the video they released on Wednesday.

“So to people of Africa, join us in the fight for the freedom of information. The corruption in Africa has gone on for too long. Many African’s have died from politically driven wars, hunger, floods and diseases since their governments are offering poor service to citizens.”

They added, “We call upon every African to rise up and join Anonymous. We seek to bring back the paradise that is Africa and return the home land back to the people.”

The hacktivists haven’t revealed any of their immediate plans, but they do seem determined to do something. On the other hand, many operations planned by various factions of the Anonymous movement have never materialized.