AnonGhost Hacks Philippines Government Website, 115 Other Sites

All the sites have been defaced to display a protest message

The official website of the Philippines’ Municipality of Lanuza ( and other 115 sites from all around the world have been breached and defaced by the hacker known as AnonGhost.

“To the Governments of the world We are watching you. We can see what you are doing, we control you. We are everywhere.. Remember this. The people you are trying to stop on, we are everyone you depend on. We are the people who do your laundry and cook you food and serve you dinner,” the hacker wrote on the defaced pages.

HackRead reports that the 115 sites defaced by the hacker belong to businesses from all over the world, including Malta, France, Italy and Brazil.

The site of the Municipality of Lanuza has been restored, but most of the other websites still host the defacement page added by the hacker.

Back in December 2012, AnonGhost defaced 327 websites owned by companies from Turkey, Colombia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Israel, Portugal and the United States.

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