AnonGhost Claims to Have Hacked Mozilla Emails, Company Responds

The 16-character strings leaked by the hackers are not passwords, Mozilla says

Hackers of the AnonGhost collective have published what they claim to be the email logins of Mozilla managers. 

The hackers have published a list of 50 email addresses and 16-character strings which they claim to represent passwords.

On the other hand, Mozilla representatives say the 16-character codes are not passwords, but activation codes utilized for the initial activation of user accounts for a Mozilla blogging software.

Mozilla claims that the 50 email addresses leaked by AnonGhost belong to current and former employees, and other people in the Mozilla community. However, the company clarifies that the activation codes leaked by the hackers cannot be used to access any systems.

“In all situations a username and password are required to access the blogging software. We have no indications that the passwords were at risk,” Mozilla’s Michael Coates explained in a blog post.

“At this time we are still performing additional investigations to understand how the activation codes were exposed. We’ll make sure to address any concerns that are uncovered.”

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