Annie Lennox Blasts Stars Who Get Plastic Surgery: Money Can’t Buy Youth

Singer says no one should tempt fate by trying to hold back time with surgery

Plastic surgery does wonders when used on patients who have been in an accident that’s left them scarred or disfigured for life. However, when used merely for vanity purposes, it creates monsters, singer Annie Lennox says in a recent post on her Facebook page.

She isn’t the only celebrity to speak out on the increasingly popular practice of getting “some” work done – and then getting “maintenance” work regularly.

Plastic surgery and other non-surgical procedures which boast of turning back the hands of time do the exact opposite of that, Lennox writes. The shame is that the men and women who get all this work done only notice it when it’s already too late.

“There’s just something very obvious about plastic surgery and Botox. I really think people need to think very carefully before heading for the needle or the knife. If it were subtle and it just made you look a bit better it would be fine… But that’s not what happens,” Annie writes.

“It’s very obvious, and looks like the person’s wearing a static mask. You just lose all semblance of authenticity. I don’t know why so many women seem to flock towards having their lips swollen and their foreheads stiffened like cardboard,” she says.

“It doesn’t make women look younger. It just makes them look disturbing. People should do whatever they want… All I’m saying is that I think plastic surgery looks very obvious and truly unappealing,” she continues.

In the end, like with everything else in life, plastic surgery is bad when moderation lacks.

When people get too much work done, they become addicted but the last thing they get is a more youthful countenance.

“It’s just the ubiquitous cosmetic procedures that seem to be fairly ‘normalized’ that I’m putting into question, where people attempt to look decades younger and it clearly doesn’t work. Don’t people see how obviously weird it looks? Is it a kind of twisted sense of self image? It doesn’t make anyone look younger from my perspective.. It just makes you look freaky. Money can buy many things but nothing can buy youth… Why would you want to anyway?” Lennox asks.

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