Anne Hathaway’s Ex Wants Presidential Pardon to Come Back to the US

Raffaello Follieri is out of jail and wants back in the spotlight

Anne Hathaway has been having a very good year but, if her ex-boyfriend has any say in it, her past is about to come back to haunt her. Raffaello Follieri, who was released from prison last year, wants a Presidential pardon.

Only with it could he get back to the US, which is precisely what he has in mind, the Huffington Post writes.

“Follieri was released from federal prison in May 2012, and sources [say] that the real estate scammer ‘must be dying that he's missing the limelight,’ now that Hathaway is a much-talked-about, Oscar-winning actress,” HuffPo writes.

The Italian businessman did time behind bars on a slew of charges, including wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

He was arrested in June 2008, but Anne had broken up with him just a couple of months before that.

She never knew what he was doing and was publicly humiliated when police came to her home and took jewelry he had bought her with dirty money. All the pieces went up for auction afterwards.

“Sources say the Italian businessman, who dated Hathaway for four years, is trying to buy an energy company in Switzerland, but he's having a difficult time getting the money to do so,” the report further notes.

“Follieri misses America and wants to lobby for a presidential pardon, as he can't return to the US as a felon,” adds the same media outlet.

He was always portrayed in the press as an attention seeker, so, assuming this was accurate, it makes sense that he wants to get back to the US, now that his ex has just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and the hearts of millions of fans – and of critics too.

After breaking up with Follieri, Anne started dating her current husband, Adam Shulman. She’s been very open about the “bad relationship” she was in for 4 entire years, admitting out loud that she never imaged she could fall for such a man.

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