Anne Hathaway Worries Recent Red Carpet Flash Will Cost Her an Oscar

Star fears the faux pas will ruin all her hard work, make her seem less “serious”

Anne Hathaway unwillingly made headlines last week, after photos of her getting out of a car at the “Les Miserables” premiere emerged online, showing parts of her anatomy she would have never showed on camera. She’s now thinking that it might cost her an Oscar, says a new report.

Anne is considered one of the most solid competitors for an Academy Award for Best Actress, for her part in the musical, and she’s acutely aware of it.

However, because of the media attention she’s been getting for the aforementioned red carpet mishap, of which we also informed you at the time, she’s thinking all her Oscar dreams have gone down the drain, Hollywood Life writes, citing the usual unnamed sources.

“She’s been fighting all of her life to be seen as a ‘serious’ actress, and this could make older stars see her as just another Hollywood ‘pop tart’, like Lindsay Lohan,” an insider says for the e-zine.

As celebrity gossip lovers must know, incidents like this were common in showbiz at some point, with many speculating that certain celebrities were actually doing it on purpose to keep their name in the headlines.

Hathaway is terrified that people could say the same about her too.

“Anne is really hoping for an Oscar for Les Miserables, and she’s worried that this misstep will hurt her credibility as an actress,” the tipster says.

The report goes on to mention that the actress is now dreading the idea that her mishap cast a shadow on the film, which was the last thing she would have ever imagined.

“This musical has meant so much to her and her family [her mother acted in it]. She would hate for such a misstep to derail her in the eyes of Academy voters. In all, it would be a shame if this is true, because she’s brilliant in the role,” the insider explains.

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