Anna Wintour Banned Kris Jenner from the MET Gala: One Kardashian Is Enough!

Vogue editor put her foot down when momager Kris also started asking for an invite

Kim Kardashian was among the select celebrities who attended (and walked down the red carpet at) the MET Gala 2013, organized each year by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Her mother and manager Kris Jenner would have also liked to be there, but was banned, it has emerged.

“One Kardashian is enough!,” Wintour is believed to have exclaimed when she found out that Jenner also wanted on the guestlist.

As fans must know, for years, Kim has been trying to make it on it but Wintour wouldn’t even hear of it, thinking a reality star, an attention-seeker like Kim would only “cheapen” the entire thing.

This year, she’s believed to have granted her a spot because Kanye West, Kim’s boyfriend and baby-daddy, was the musical guest.

However, she drew the line when she found out that Kris Jenner, Kim’s momager, also wanted to come, says an insider for Radar Online.

“Anna approves every star who enters and although she finally relented on Kim, she drew the line at Kris, who was desperate to attend,” the tipster reveals.

“Anna wants a parade of stars at the gala, not a parade of reality stars!” the source further says.

“Wintour even invited the expectant couple [Kim and Kanye] over for dinner at her New York City home the night before the Gala and hand-picked Kardashian’s floral Givenchy dress that was widely criticized, prompting a side-by-side photo comparison of Kardashian and Robin Williams, the source said,” Radar writes.

Seeing how the dress turned Kim into an even bigger joke in certain circles, prompting memes and viral pics, perhaps some fans would feel tempted to put on their tinfoil hats and dig up some conspiracy to make the reality star look bad in the press, with Wintour pulling all the strings.

Radar also says that Anna also banned the Real Housewives of New York from the MET Gala, so Kim may at least find some consolation in knowing it’s nothing personal with her.

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