Animals at Bankrupt Zoo Are Hours Away from Starvation

The Edenlandia zoo in Naples is desperately seeking for funds

The Edenlandia zoo in Naples, southern Italy, only has a few hours left until it completely runs out of whatever food supplies it now has at its disposal. Because of this, zoo employees have decided to officially declare a state of emergency.

What worries zoo keepers at this point is the fact that, should this happen, the animals that currently find themselves under they care are facing no more and no less than starvation.

Apparently, the 300 tigers, giraffes, elephants and other animals presently living at this animal sanctuary only have enough food left to last them for about 2 days, which is why both the zoo's management team and regular employees are now doing their best to draw the public's attention to their problem.

Speaking on behalf of the Edenlandia zoo, a spokesperson made a case of how, “There are only a few days left for both us and the animals.” Thus, “If no solution is found, we are going to be thrown out and the animals will die of hunger.”

Sources report that this zoo's management company, i.e. Park and Leisure, went bankrupt back in 2011, and that the lease for the terrain on which this animal sanctuary is built is set to expire on January 31.

Needless to say, this means that the people working at this zoo will also hit a very rough patch, meaning that they will undoubtedly lose their jobs.

“If funds for more food are not found within 48 hours, the zoo's prize exhibits including big cats and other rare exotic animals will starve to death,” reads an online petition whose goal is that of lending a helping hand to this bankrupt zoo.

Furthermore, “The zoo in Napels is facing bankruptcy and those that will suffer are the many animals that live at the zoo.”

Those wishing to sign the petition can do so here.

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