Animal Rescue Gone Wrong: Released Mouse Gets Eaten by a Hawk – Video

The rodent only got to enjoy its freedom for a few seconds

Almost everybody enjoys the occasional animal rescue story, especially if the story has a happy ending.

However, as the video above shows, rescued animals sometimes are not as lucky as those who tried to lend them a helping hand had hoped they would turn out to be.

The cadet in this video tries to release a mouse into its natural habitat, and looks quite proud of his good deed.

Unfortunately, the rodent only gets to enjoy its freedom for a few seconds before a hawk dives in, snatches it and turns it into its afternoon snack.

The video was posted online a few days ago, and it is currently causing quite a stir. Needless to say, this is probably because one cannot help but smile at the irony of the whole incident.

“Is he [the mouse] the REAL bad luck brian?” reads one witty comment to this footage.

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