Angry Users Bomb Diablo 3’s Metacritic Review Score with Complaints

Blizzard's newest RPG now has a user review average of 3.6 out of 10

Like previous controversial games before it, Diablo III has seen its Metacritic user review score reach abysmal figures, as players, angry at the errors and the problems experienced at launch, have taken the average score for Blizzard’s new RPG to a paltry 3.6 out of 10.

Metacritic is supposed to be the benchmark in terms of critical reception for games, but the fact that it can also host user reviews has turned it into a tool against certain games, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Mass Effect 3.

Now, Diablo is the latest game to face the ire of Metacritic users who, after experiencing plenty of errors earlier this week when the game was launched, decided to flood its page with extremely low ratings.

Complaints target all sorts of things, from the mandatory online connection, which has resulted in a variety of errors, to the auction house that uses real money, or even actual gameplay, as some users didn’t like simplified RPG mechanics or the story that isn’t up to par.

“A huge disappointment, and an unworthy sequel,” one user said.

“Character customization was so confusing, so they removed it (no more skill points to distribute, no more attribute points to distribute, skills unlock automatically as you level up) - Legalized gold selling, pay-to-win auction houses - Scripted scenes EVERYWHERE. Frequent checkpoints that revive you from where you are left off (how much more casual can they make a diablo game I wonder).”

At the moment, Diablo 3’s user review score on Metacritic is at an abysmal 3.6 out of 10. 2360 ratings were submitted, out of which a whopping 1,529 are negative, 83 are mixed, while 748 are good.

Do you agree with the majority of Metacritic users or are you happy with Blizzard’s new dungeon crawling RPG? Share your thoughts in a comment below and look forward to Softpedia’s official review of Diablo III tomorrow.

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