“Angels” Wearing Nothing but White Lingerie Urge People to “Shop Like Saints”

“Be an Angel: Don't Wear Animals,” reads one of their banners

This coming Monday, at 12 p.m., several ladies wearing nothing but white lingerie are to show up at the intersection of Bank and Albert streets in Ottawa with one goal in mind: that of convincing people to "shop like angels" for this year's winter season.

These ladies are members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), hence their planning to carry a banner which reads as follows: "Be an Angel: Don't Wear Animals."

Thus, these PETA angels hope that their showing off their "divine" bodies will help convince people not to buy clothing items or accessories made from fur, leather, wool, down and exotic skins.

"The fashion industry is hell for the animals who are killed for their skin. With all the luxurious, cruelty-free fabrics on the market today, it's easy to get a heavenly look without sending anyone to the pearly gates," argues PETA's Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman.

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