Angelina Jolie’s Weight Plummets to 99 Pounds

Angelina Jolie is now so skinny that she’s getting everybody around her concerned. Her hectic schedule makes her forget to eat proper meals, she’s existing solely on carrot juice and Brad is worried sick, Star Magazine claims in its latest print issue.

As fans may recall, this is not the first time that Angelina’s weight makes headlines. This time, though, Brad has had enough, says Star.

On the cover of the latest issue, Angelina is shown very gaunt and unhealthy looking. The caption speaks of “New fears of anorexia & heroin relapse; Brad’s family intervention.”

Sources close to the actress tell Star (as cited by Hollywood Life) than Angelina is now down to 99 pounds, the thinnest she’s been in her life – and that includes the last time she lost a lot of weight, when her mother died.

Admittedly, Brad is so desperate about her state that he’s even thinking of staging an intervention to make her see she has a problem that needs addressing.

“Angie has gotten so skinny and frail, Brad thinks she needs professional help. Her face looks sunken. On the red carpet, her arms look like twigs,” says the unnamed spy.

Regardless of how much Brad pleads with her, Angelina will simply not eat, the tipster goes on to say.

“Brad is really concerned with her eating habits. She’s existing on cereal bars and fruit smoothies and has slipped to just 99 pounds. She is so thin yet will still go on a carrot-juice fast for days,” the spy says.

To convince her to eat – or, better yet, to trick her into eating something that may help her pack a few pounds – Brad is “leaving food out all over the place hoping she’ll snack.”

He hopes she’ll gain at least 10 pounds, the same insider says for Star.

As a side note, there’s a lot of rumbling online that the photo on the cover of the tab has been tampered with, or it’s taken from a really bad angle. Angelina is thin, but she’s not that thin: see here and here for shots of her on the red carpet at Cannes.

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