Angelina Jolie Opens Up on 60 Minutes on CBS – Video

Actress talks about her family, her trademark stunning looks and her film

As we also reported last week, Angelina Jolie recently sat down with 60 Minutes on CBS for an interview meant to promote her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Not surprisingly, the interview also touched upon topics pertaining to her personal life.

Two brand new videos from the interview have emerged online, and they more than confirm that this is perhaps one of the most honest interviews Angelina has ever given.

In it, she speaks about plans to marry partner Brad Pitt, her incredible family, her late mother, whom she continues to worship to this day and, of course, the film she has coming out this holiday season.

For one, Angelina says she's very proud of her children. She believes she will never be as good a mother as her own mom, but she can keep trying.

She also says she and Brad aren't talking about tying the knot because, as they see it, committing to having children together is bigger than any paper proclaiming them husband and wife.

Not surprisingly, Angelina is somewhat shy and definitely reticent of speaking about herself as “the world's most beautiful woman,” as the tabloids have long dubbed her.

She says her goal is to inspire her young girls to be “stunning” on the inside because looks is not what is important in life.

As she said before in other interviews, Angelina doesn't read tabloids.

Speaking of her upcoming movie, the star, who says she'd much rather retire behind the camera from now on, says she's nervous about how it will be received by the community.

However, she doesn't imagine herself directing a different genre of film. “I still think it's crazy. I think I'd be terrible with a comedy,” she says.

“I am nervous that people are not going to understand it.

What's risky? Is living your life never trying for anything, never trying anything brave? I'm scared in a good way,” she says.

Check out two segments from the interview below. She also talks in it about how it's a wonder she's still alive, given her wild youth, as we also reported a while back.

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