Angelina Jolie Lookalike Luminiţa Perijoc Rapes Male Cab Driver

34-year-old Nicolae Stan has the most terrifying experience ever while running errands

Some beautiful women are so accustomed to getting what they want that they have nearly forgotten the meaning of “no.” Just ask Nicolae Stan, a 34-year-old cab driver from Tulcea, Romania: he knows all about that.

When he's not driving people around, Stan also uses his cab to run errands for people who can't leave their quarters. This is how he met Luminiţa Perijoc, a gorgeous 30-year-old brunette who bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

He never imagined that she would put him through the ordeal of a lifetime, when she tried to force herself on him at knifepoint.

Stan delivered goods for Perijoc on 3 previous occasions before the rape attempt, he told police officers, as cited by She claimed to be bedridden the first time, but he still ran errands for her even after seeing she wasn't.

The fourth time would also turn out to be the last: he recalls arriving at her place with a bottle of wine which she had asked for.

He found her not wearing the robe she'd worn on previous visits, but a top that barely covered her ample bosom. She was acting in a more uninhibited manner as well, which has gotten investigators to thinking she might have been under the influence.

“She pulled me in by the hand, took out the knife from behind her back and said, 'You'll be my slave tonight',” Stan says of the kind of greeting he got.

He insists he tried to buy some time to call the cops by pretending to go along with whatever she was suggesting.

“I told her, 'Let me take a shower first, so we can do this the right way.' However, when she pulled down my pants and saw me, it was like she went crazy, as if she was possessed by the devil himself,” he says.

Perijoc stabbed Stan several times with the knife, while she forced him to perform an act he did not consent to. It was only later that she tried to have relations with him but, “luckily” for him, he was in no condition for that.

Stan recalls how she allowed him to use the bathroom, saying she'd let him shower if that would get him in the mood. In return, she promised she'd put the knife away.

While locked in the bathroom, Stan called the cops. Asked why he didn't just wrestle his way out of apartment, he said he couldn't risk physically hurting Perijoc because he knew no one would believe him that she attacked him first.

“I was scared. I was afraid she'd kill me,” he says. “If I had hit her with a chair in the head... would the cops have believed me – a Roma and a man – that I'd been raped?”

Police are now looking into the situation to determine the exact circumstances of the assault. Perijoc is also accused of stabbing Stan six times.

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