Angelina Jolie Announces Retirement from Acting

Star says she won’t be doing any more movies in a few years’ time

Don’t call it a retirement just yet but, if you’re a fan of Angelina Jolie movies, it’s best to bear in mind that your time with her as a film star is limited. The actress has revealed in a recent interview she’s already thinking ahead of retiring.

Check out the video below for confirmation: it deals mostly with Angelina’s humanitarian work but, at one point, it also touches upon her film career, which she’s thinking of terminating once her kids reach teenage years.

“I think I’m going to have to give up the acting as the kids hit the teenage years, anyway, too much to manage at home. I have enjoyed being an actress. I am so grateful to the job and I have had great experiences and I have even been able to tell stories and be a part of stories that mattered and I have done things for fun, but…” Angelina says for Channel 4 News.

“I will do some films and I am so fortunate to have the job, it’s a really lucky profession to be a part of and I enjoy it. But if it went away tomorrow I would be very happy to be home with the children,” she adds.

Of course, fans must already know that both Angelina and her partner Brad have talked before about plans of quitting acting sometime in the future. Both will focus on work behind the camera, though, she on directing, he on producing.

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