[UPDATE]Android to Taste Firefox in February, Mozilla Says

Will expand its reach on the mobile market

With the final version of Firefox for Maemo just around the corner, and with more stable versions of Firefox for Windows Mobile down the pipe, the guys over at Mozilla are also gearing up for the first release of Firefox for Android, it seems. The company already announced back in 2009 that they were considering a move in the Android area, and it seems that we are nearing the first step to be taken in this direction, with a usable flavor of Firefox for Android expected to arrive in February.

According to a recent post on the German Firefox community, the work on the Android version of Firefox has already kicked off since December, and the first stable and usable iteration of the mobile browser is expected to arrive during the following weeks. However, for the time being, it seems that there is still a lot of work to be done, though Android users might already consider trying it out when released into the wild next month.

In the second half of the last year, the company said that it would maintain its focus on the already in development flavors of the browser, including the Maemo and Windows Mobile-oriented ones. Most of you might know by now that Firefox for Maemo has already reached RC3, and that it should become final in no time, but the Windows Mobile flavor is still in a pre-release phase since a few months ago. Those of you who would like to have a look at Firefox Mobile can already try out the Maemo version on their computers, since Mozilla has released different versions for Windows, Linux and Mac computers too.

As for the Android variant of Firefox for Mobile, it might still take a while before the final version is here. A usable flavor landing in February might attract a lot of enthusiasts on the browser's side, especially those who enjoy it on their desktop computers. Mozilla is set to deliver a desktop-like experience on mobile phones too, at least when it comes to the Maemo iteration, and it remains to be seen what Firefox for Android is capable of, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: It seems that Android users will still have to wait a few months before the first version of Firefox for them arrives here. An update on camp-firefox.de (translated) on Firefox for Android says that February is expected to offer developers the possibility to make the browser display web pages, while the first alpha flavor will only come months away. That usable version of Firefox for Android that would come next month is not for end users after all, so owners of Maemo and Windows Mobile handsets are still luckier at the moment.

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