Android Users Get Sound Search for Google Play Widget

They can discover music around them much easier than before

Google has just made available for download a new small piece of software for its Android users, namely the Sound Search for Google Play widget.

Just as the name of the new app suggests, Google intended to provide users with the possibility to discover new songs around them.

The widget provides users with the possibility to discover music straight from the homescreens of their handsets, Google announced.

Furthermore, the software will also enable the owners of Android-based devices to purchase the songs they have identified through the Google Play service, and add them to their Play Music library.

“Starting today, the Sound Search for Google Play widget is available to download from the Play store, so you can start identifying music playing around you, directly from your Android device’s homescreen,” Annie Chen, software engineer, Google, Explains in a blog post.

“Sometimes, you hear a song you like while you’re out and about but don’t want to download it right at that moment."

"The Sound Search widget syncs across all of your devices, so that song you recognized with your phone in the coffee shop can be quickly purchased from your tablet at home,” Annie Chen continues.

Owners of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean-based devices will also have the possibility to add the widget straight to the lockscreen, so that they will be able to identify new songs even if the mobile phone is locked.

The Sound Search for Google Play widget has already been made available for download and can be found on this page on Softpedia. It is available for all devices in the U.S and is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. The widget weighs 655kb and is available for free.

“After you’ve installed it, go to the widget picker and drag the Sound Search widget onto your homescreen. You can click on the widget at any time to start recognizing music around you,” Annie Chen concludes.


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