Android Tips and Tricks (Part II)

Tips that will improve your experience with Google's mobile OS

Following the last week article, I will continue the list of tips and tricks for Android smartphone users. Bear in mind that these tweaks usually work on most devices with genuine Android operating systems, that haven't been altered in any way. I do not guarantee that these will work on devices with custom ROMs. Also, there are devices that may feature some of these tweaks, but the way you can activate them is slightly different then what I will describe. Anyway, here we go.

If you hold the Call button during a call, you can activate the speakers. The speakerphone can be turned on or off during calls by clicking on the Menu button.

For those that own an Android-based smartphone that includes the Search button (looks like a little magnifying glass), clicking on it will bring up a search function.

Clicking the Menu button on your device when you have an application open, will bring up a menu with various options.

You can find out lots of statistics and informations about your phone (including battery usage), by dialing * # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # * to bring up a hidden screen.

When tapping on a contact picture in the Messages or People / Contacts applicaiton, a pop-up box will be displayed. This will offer you quick links to certain actions: call, email, SMS, Google Talk, open contact, and find on map – depending on the data contained in the contact’s details.

Users that own Android phones with HTC Sense, can pinch the screen to bring up an overview of all the different homescreens, in order to quickly switch between them. This is also possible by pressing the Home key when the main screen is selected.

When setting a new custom wallpaper for the phone's homescreen, be sure to check the box and select the largest possible area of the image, or the wallpaper may look pixelated.

If you want to add new photos to a new album, connect your Android phone to a PC via USB, create a new folder on the SD card and give it the name of your choice, using your computer’s file manager. You can add pictures to this folder, and the next time you start the Photos / Gallery application on your device, your new album will be listed.

Feel free to add more tips and tricks below, especially if you're an advanced Android user.

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