Android Tablets Part of HP's Strategy, Smartphones Under Consideration

The top PC maker is branching out due to necessity, will use Tegra 4

We've just learned that NVIDIA will only launch the Tegra 4 ARM SoC later in the year (July), meaning that August 2013 is the earliest time for tablets based on it (not smartphones).

Now, we've stumbled upon another report, one not about NVIDIA but about one of its Tegra 4 partners, or likely partners.

According to ReadWrite, Hewlett-Packard is considering the idea of making Android tablets with Tegra 4 inside.

In fact, a prototype has supposedly been in development since before Thanksgiving.

More information might be released during Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, between 25 and 28 February.

The show may even clarify whether or not the other rumor is true: that HP is thinking of making smartphones too.

After the mess with webPS and Palm, though, confidence in the company's phone marketing acumen isn't very high at the moment.

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