Android Leads the OS Market in the US at 39%

By on July 28th, 2011 17:41 GMT

Currently, Google's Android operating system seems to have won the smartphone platform battle in the United States, at least this is what the latest data from Nielsen shows.

The research firm shows that the Google Android operating system ended the second quarter of the ongoing year with 39 percent share of the market, trailed by Apple's iOS with 28 percent of the smartphone market.

The third place went to Research In Motion's BlackBerry operating system, while Microsoft's Windows Phone and Windows Mobile platforms enjoyed only 9 percent of the market.

Nielsen's report includes all of the postpaid mobile subscribers for the second quarter of the ongoing year, the company notes.

However, even if Android leads in the OS area, Apple is said to be placed on the first position when it comes to smartphone manufacturing.

The company enjoys the said 28 percent of the smartphone market, with RIM and HTC following it closely with 20 percent each.

“However, because Apple is the only company manufacturing smartphones with the iOS operating system, it is clearly the top smartphone manufacturer in the United States,” the research firm notes.

“Other leading manufacturers include HTC, whose Android phones represents 14 percent of the smartphone market and whose Windows Mobile/WP7 devices account for 6 percent of the market; and Motorola, whose Android devices are owned by 11 percent of smartphone consumers,” the company continues.

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung currently enjoys about 10 percent of the smartphone market in the United States, Nielsen notes.

Samsung's Android devices account for 8 percent of the smartphone market in the US, while its Windows Phone and Windows Mobile devices are in the hands of 2 percent for them.

Additional info on the report Nielsen has just published can be found on the research firm's website. You can also have a look at the graph they provided, to make a better idea of the OS and handset distribution.