Android KitKat 4.4 Update Affecting Video Playback on Nexus 7 Tablets

The tablets are part of the first batch of devices to ever receive the update

The Android 4.4 KitKat update arrived for Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) not so long ago. As excited as users where to get their hands on the new build, they should know by now that no new OS version comes without problems.

Apparently an issue has already been spotted. Video playback on updated Nexus 7 slates is not what it used to be on the previous build (eg. animations tend to be executed less smoothly.) The observation seems to be corroborated by Finnish mobile video and touch testing firm OptoFidelity

The firm actually conducted a fully-fledged study in which it compared HD video playback performance of 720p and 1080p at 30 and 60 fps on the first gen and second gen Nexus 7 tablets, before and after receiving the KitKat upgrade.

And the results confirmed what has been noticed by users, performance was noticeable better with the devices running Android 4.3. Alarmingly enough, the Nexus 7 2013 wasn’t even capable of playing 60fps after being updated. After the test both devices were scored as “unsatisfactory” when before they were consider to provide a “satisfactory” experience.

Google has been notified of the problem and hopefully will issues an update to fix the problem soon enough. Are you experiencing any issues?

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