Android Input App 8pen Is Now Free for Download

Launched last week on the Android Market, the 8Pen keyboard application has just been updated to version 1.1 and is now available as a free download, after it was initially priced at $1.50.

The update implements new features that were requested by users that downloaded the application, as well as fixes for common issues.

The 8pen app aims to be an “advanced” alternative for the Swype input method, as it makes use of the touch screen Android smartphones' capabilities of detecting gestures.

According to 3qubits, the developer of the application, the main advantage of 8pen lies in the fact that it makes it possible to input text faster than using conventional layouts on small devices, while at the same time mimicking human hand-writing.

Furthermore, the simple sample gesture patterns included with the app greatly reduce the issue of mistyping, which is the main problem that occurs with the classical layout due to the lack of space.

3qubits’s innovative input method application is yet to receive its patent, which is now pending approval.

The patent title reads: “Device for the input of signs, comprising a base area and at least two peripheral areas, associated method and program.”

The long list of updates found in 8pen 1.1 is detailed below:

- Auto-space is now optional, and disabled by default

- Voice input (Android 2.2 with voice recognition enabled)

- Preview popup

- Improved dictionary support (suggestions, auto-complete, quick fixes)

- Basic themes

- Height adjustment

- Fine-grained shift pressure threshold

- Optional vibration when passing through central region

- Slightly modified numeric layout, for easier access to #, & etc.

- HTC Tattoo fix

- Fix of phone keyboard bug that caused force close on some phones.

8pen 1.1 is now available as a free download from the Android Market and is compatible with all smartphones running on Android 1.6 platform or newer.


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