Android Froyo Update for Motorola Milestone Still Pending

The decision is yet to come

It has become usual for Motorola to slack, when it comes to bringing major OS updates to its smartphones. For Milestone users, who are expecting their Froyo upgrade to be pushed onto their devices things are getting even worse.

In a post on the Motorola Owners forum, James King, Motorola European Marketing Director, makes a statement about the status of the Milestone getting Froyo in the near future:

Next European Milestone and 2.2 (Froyo). I have expressed over the last few days that the decision is pending. The team here has been collating key pieces of information and views from this community in the last month and providing input to relevant teams in Motorola so they are aware. I am pushing for that decision to be made as quickly as possible, and we can then all go from there. Some others ask why the decisions on upgrades take so long, and why does implementation then take much longer still."

The statement highlights the fact that Motorola is not even working on getting Froyo upgrade to Milestone. Further, even if the decision will be positive, it will take sometime (a long time) before Milestone users will be able to upgrade their devices.

"What I can say and have stated recently is that upgrades are not a walk in the park. Sure there are shortcuts that people can take, but when you have to integrate software to a specific hardware, then test it and integrate with third party applications, let alone any innovation from ourselves, plus then get approvals to make this all official and safe… it is a big undertaking that requires planning and resource and third party coordination to see this all through. As I say, once we have the decision, we will inform.

If Motorola decides not to release the upgrade, it may lead to decreased sales of Android-based phones for Motorola.

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