Android Convertible Tablets/Notebooks in the Next Few Months, Lenovo Decides

They will be devices based on Intel or ARM central processing units

Lenovo isn't pulling any punches and it isn't going to play favorites either: whatever works and has anything to do with its portfolio, it will sell this year.

We've only just learned that Lenovo failed to overtake HP on the PC market in 2012 after all.

Whether because of this or not, the company is stepping up its game even further in 2013.

Since tablets, convertible or otherwise, have proven so lucrative, Lenovo will pay special attention to them.

In fact, there is a rumor that Lenovo is going to release several new tablet/notebook hybrids loaded with not Windows 8, but Android.

In fact, there may even be ARM-based systems on the horizon, not just Intel CPU-based configurations.

On that note, there is no reason an AMD-powered tablet or notebook won't make its way in that group.

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